Santa’s Sleigh ~   6 comments

Santa’s Sleigh

Christmas Eve is a Special Day
When Santa’s Elves pack up the sleigh,
Reindeer fuel up with oats and bran,
Harnessed to fly o’er sea and land.

Now this I knew ’til I was six,
When told it was a parent trick;
Tall tale to keep us kids in line,
Be good, not bad, at least sometime.

But when I told my Dad I knew
That Santa wasn’t really true,
He frowned and took me by the hand
Christmas Eve on the lawn to stand.

He watched the sky and I watched him
Wond’ring why we stood there bone chilled,
Gazing up at the twinkling stars,
Squinting hard, to see up real far.

“Look, over there, watch straight up high,
It’s Santa’s sleigh crossing the sky.
See it flicker with reindeer light,
Too wobbly for a plane in flight.”

Dad never lied; I trailed his gaze
Peering through our breath’s frosty haze;
And yes, I saw flickering light
As Santa’s sleigh flew by that night.

Many years passed, along with Dad;
But each Christmas Eve, I still stand,
Searching for the flickering light
That wobbles a bit as it flares up bright.

I smile when I see the glow in the sky,
Glad Santa, today, did not pass me by;
But again did gift my memory’s eye
With Dad’s tender gaze, his hand holding mine.

© 2009 Kate Sender

To each of you my Yuletide wish; that you recall with bygone childhood’s wisdom, the real meaning of Christmas.  Brightest Blessings.


6 responses to “Santa’s Sleigh ~

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  1. What a great memory and image – thanks so much for sharing!


  2. Thanks Kate for putting your delightful memory to rhyme. I remember that all during October we scanned the sky for witches taking pre-Halloween flights. We’d shot, “There goes one” and point them out to one another. Even now, these many years later, I confess that every once in a while I still look up hoping to catch a witch doing practice maneuvers. Thanks again for your lovely poem. Merry Christmas.

  3. Hello Kate,

    It’s a poignant poem. I can feel the emotions felt behind the words. Keep writing poems Kate,

    BTW, you’ve won in my contest. Kindly send your complete mailing address thru twitter DM. Thanks. Here’s the link,

    All the best.

  4. happy new year!

  5. Great post! Here’s to a fantastic 2010!!

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