Is writing a ‘happy’ thing?   Leave a comment

A fellow writer, Pat Dale, today posed the question “Are you happy with your writing?” 

My response:

I don’t know if it’s happiness.  What I feel when I write is wholeness. When I sculpt letters into words, then read aloud the poem I just wrote, and I can perceive it with my eyes and ears and nose and skin; when I wrap up a scene or a story and it feels real (even though it be a fantasy or speculative fiction) – I feel connected and a part  of something essential, a voice in the lyric cacophany that began before we measured time and evolves through its essence with each note that rises melodic, each leaf that sips sunlight, each seed that reaches skyward, each sparrow that soars on a whistling zephyr. 

When someone else reads those words and says, ‘hey, I can see it, I can hear it, I can feel it’ that’s sublime; my eclectic solo evoking a response from another.

When I write I live in the moment, albeit one I inscribe with my essence.  If we need a label, then I guess when I write I am happy ~ Write On!


I give thanks to Pat Dale for posing the question and the writers who each raised a pen in response ~ do check it out here

And, fellow writers, Be Happy! ~ Write On 🙂


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