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Labor Day – Celebrate U.S. Worker Bees   2 comments

Today we, the Worker Bees, celebrate not only our contribution to, but the very creation of, our democracy; envisioning and implementing the ideals, and very existence, of these United States of America.

It is we who maintain the freedom of all the residents in the U.S. to pursue the lifestyle to which each aspires, the dreams each envision for self, family and community.

We do this by our daily effort; we create and build. We are the line workers, the secretaries, the nurses, cashiers and foot soldiers the “support staff.” We are the writers, poets and artists. We weave the fabric of our society; through our daily efforts, WE make it all work.

Celebrate with me, this day, not merely our contribution to, but the very creation of these United States as she is and as she can be. Pay tribute to our fellows on this Labor Day; honor the creators of our nation’s strength, freedom and leadership in the world.

Celebrate the American Worker Bees!


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Independence Day 2011   Leave a comment

service with honor
cerulean skies ignite
for freedom’s delight

With this brief senryu I invite you to give thanks to the service personnel, active, on call, and retired, who bear with honor the burden of maintaining our freedom; and share further, if you will, one soldier’s perspective in etheree form reprised from last year ~ Thank You

burn the sky
with toxic flames,
searing flesh and mind;
‘till veiled by joyous cries,
mem’ries retreat, careworn eyes
open to see reflected light
glow with freedom’s joy in his child’s face.
For this sight with pride he served – soldier smiles.

© 2010 Kate Sender

Fireworks ~ A soldier’s view   3 comments


burn the sky
with toxic flames,
searing flesh and mind;
‘till veiled by joyous cries,
mem’ries retreat, careworn eyes
open to see reflected light
glow with freedom’s joy in his child’s face.
For this sight with pride he served – soldier smiles.

© 2010 Kate Sender

The soldier’s recollections are those of a friend who served in Vietnam. ~ Think this Independence Day of those soldiers, sailors, marines, guards, who make it possible for us to take joy, not fear, in the light of flames dancing in the sky ~ and thank them for their service with honor.  Brightest Blessings.

FYI ~ the poetic pattern I used is Etheree ~ Ten lines, increasing syllable count line by line, from one to ten.

Write On!


For my Dad on Father’s Day~and Always   1 comment

It’s not that I will never forget; I forever remember.

On freshly mown grass

I lay on my back on freshly mown grass
for a moment to savor Sun’s setting foray
marking sibilant silence of approaching night;
no white noise encroaches my space to blight;
I give thanks for the gift of this one spent day
lyrical, not harsh, with but Nature’s own delight.

I wait for the silence to speak of times past
before venturing at last into Morpheus’ domain;
I listen for their music and watch for the lights
of crickets and fireflies commencing their repast
beneath moonlit skies, breeze kissed maple limbs sway,
each movement and breath plying Earth’s delight,
present and past in my mind blend and twist…

We lay on our backs on freshly mown grass,
he listens to my dream of being star bound someday
his eyes reflect moonlight, his words encourage my flight;
‘work hard if you believe and dreams do come to pass’;
believing, I weave him our story right away
of space bound adventurers on plumes of starlight.

I smile, memory for a moment recast,
I hum with cicadas, watch shooting stars at play;
whispers of fireflies give memories real might;
I believe for a moment that hope once so vast
lives on as I write down the story I cast;
dreams kept safe by one caring heart’s refrain
until past, present and future one day I greet in the mist.

© 2006 2010 Kate Sender

In loving memory of my Dad, who kept safe my first story written at age 6 (I learned more than a decade later) in his strongbox with other ‘important’ documents like his citizenship papers. He was the first mate on my starship, and his sage advice I continue to embrace along the voyage to my writing success.

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Santa’s Sleigh ~   6 comments

Santa’s Sleigh

Christmas Eve is a Special Day
When Santa’s Elves pack up the sleigh,
Reindeer fuel up with oats and bran,
Harnessed to fly o’er sea and land.

Now this I knew ’til I was six,
When told it was a parent trick;
Tall tale to keep us kids in line,
Be good, not bad, at least sometime.

But when I told my Dad I knew
That Santa wasn’t really true,
He frowned and took me by the hand
Christmas Eve on the lawn to stand.

He watched the sky and I watched him
Wond’ring why we stood there bone chilled,
Gazing up at the twinkling stars,
Squinting hard, to see up real far.

“Look, over there, watch straight up high,
It’s Santa’s sleigh crossing the sky.
See it flicker with reindeer light,
Too wobbly for a plane in flight.”

Dad never lied; I trailed his gaze
Peering through our breath’s frosty haze;
And yes, I saw flickering light
As Santa’s sleigh flew by that night.

Many years passed, along with Dad;
But each Christmas Eve, I still stand,
Searching for the flickering light
That wobbles a bit as it flares up bright.

I smile when I see the glow in the sky,
Glad Santa, today, did not pass me by;
But again did gift my memory’s eye
With Dad’s tender gaze, his hand holding mine.

© 2009 Kate Sender

To each of you my Yuletide wish; that you recall with bygone childhood’s wisdom, the real meaning of Christmas.  Brightest Blessings.


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