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9.11 Remember   Leave a comment

9-11-2001 ~ Remember

 One day
in September,
not spent leave or petals,
bodies wrapped in twisted metal
embrace freedom
to save innocent lives,
giving theirs with warrior’s cry –
“Let’s Roll.”
Ten years,
we grieve for innocence
lost; honor those who showed selfless
© Copyright 2011 Kate Sender
Kate – 9-11-2011
Remembering 9-11-2001
“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
George Santayana, Philosopher (1863-1952)
9-11-2016 – It’s only been 15 years ~ Remember, Please





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One Word at a Time   Leave a comment

One word at a time

To begin your journey, pick up the pen,
Write that prose or rhyme;
Though book or sonnet, each must be written
One word at a time.

Tune in the melody your ear does chime
‘Till harmony does float;
Each lullaby and symphony sublime
Starts with just one note.

Let palettes of vision your canvas coat
With hue stark or lush;
From sketch to masterpiece is not remote,
Take in hand the brush.

The spirit once seen and heard will not hush,
No more silent mime,
The dream once savored, muse’s nascent blush
Will but higher climb.

© 2006 Kate Sender

Prompt: “When asked, ‘how do you write?’ I invariably answer, ‘one word at a time.’” Stephen King

Virelay ~ Interlinking quatrains, 1st and 3rd line long, 2nd and 4th line short; linked by rhyming 2nd and 4th line of first stanza with 1st and 3rd of second; etc., final stanza, link the short 2nd and 4th lines to the rhyme of the same lines in the first stanza. Though no meter required, I tried to sustain a rhythm where I could.

Independence Day 2011   Leave a comment

service with honor
cerulean skies ignite
for freedom’s delight

With this brief senryu I invite you to give thanks to the service personnel, active, on call, and retired, who bear with honor the burden of maintaining our freedom; and share further, if you will, one soldier’s perspective in etheree form reprised from last year ~ Thank You

burn the sky
with toxic flames,
searing flesh and mind;
‘till veiled by joyous cries,
mem’ries retreat, careworn eyes
open to see reflected light
glow with freedom’s joy in his child’s face.
For this sight with pride he served – soldier smiles.

© 2010 Kate Sender

one resolution   Leave a comment

one resolution
sow random acts of kindness
water seedlings well


This was my first post at Writing.Com five years ago ~ I still think the simple senryu is relevant.

Brightest Blessings for the New Year and success and joy for the New Decade.


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December 8, 1980 – 30 years ago today ^_&   1 comment

    December 8, 1980

Girls’ night in
four of us will gather
in my first apartment
to commemorate landmarks
propelling us into adulthood.

Beer in Looney Tunes glasses,
served with a dollop of friendly hazing
punctuating the white noise of Monday Night Football.
Each arrival will make her grand entrance,
take center stage to celebrate –
first apartment,
first real job,
first rock-on-third-finger,
first gallery exhibition.

Somewhere between the third and fourth toast,
somnolent droning of the television changed,
demanding attention, as
Howard Cosell, in his droll gravelly voice
announced John Lennon had been shot.

Eyes locked open in stunned disbelief,
compelled to witness the unfolding horror,
nothing could be more surreal,
nothing more senseless,
nothing, until I answered the phone;
learning over noisome trilling hospital bleeps
just how the night’s miasma of evil
had reached out to touch us more viscerally.

As music lay bleeding to death in the street
our fourth lay bleeding, beaten, raped;
her spirit broken, her art destroyed,
her fire quenched at its spark.

Girls’ night in,
we wept,
mourning the landmarks
propelling us into adulthood.

© 2008 Kate Sender
First Publication: Falling Star Magazine, Summer 2008

Mabon’s Harmony ~ Harvest Blessings   Leave a comment

Mabon’s Harmony

Sun and moon in harmony
Welcome Dawn’s cacophony,
From North and South and West and East
The Elementals join the feast.

Sweet gnomes bring ripened nuts and grain
That Undines wash with healing rain,
And Salamanders call forth fire
For Sylphs to weave a glowing pyre.

Dragons guard the joyous gathering,
Greenman dresses the Muses’ ring,
Bloom of harvested dreams dance free,
Honoring the Goddess Three.

As above, life hearkens below,
In synchrony with Mabon’s flow,
On wings of perfect symmetry
‘Neath twilight’s cerulean sky,
From chrysalis tended with care,
Butterfly rises, takes to air.

© 2010 Kate Sender

Fireworks ~ A soldier’s view   3 comments


burn the sky
with toxic flames,
searing flesh and mind;
‘till veiled by joyous cries,
mem’ries retreat, careworn eyes
open to see reflected light
glow with freedom’s joy in his child’s face.
For this sight with pride he served – soldier smiles.

© 2010 Kate Sender

The soldier’s recollections are those of a friend who served in Vietnam. ~ Think this Independence Day of those soldiers, sailors, marines, guards, who make it possible for us to take joy, not fear, in the light of flames dancing in the sky ~ and thank them for their service with honor.  Brightest Blessings.

FYI ~ the poetic pattern I used is Etheree ~ Ten lines, increasing syllable count line by line, from one to ten.

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