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December 8, 1980 – 30 years ago today ^_&   1 comment

    December 8, 1980

Girls’ night in
four of us will gather
in my first apartment
to commemorate landmarks
propelling us into adulthood.

Beer in Looney Tunes glasses,
served with a dollop of friendly hazing
punctuating the white noise of Monday Night Football.
Each arrival will make her grand entrance,
take center stage to celebrate –
first apartment,
first real job,
first rock-on-third-finger,
first gallery exhibition.

Somewhere between the third and fourth toast,
somnolent droning of the television changed,
demanding attention, as
Howard Cosell, in his droll gravelly voice
announced John Lennon had been shot.

Eyes locked open in stunned disbelief,
compelled to witness the unfolding horror,
nothing could be more surreal,
nothing more senseless,
nothing, until I answered the phone;
learning over noisome trilling hospital bleeps
just how the night’s miasma of evil
had reached out to touch us more viscerally.

As music lay bleeding to death in the street
our fourth lay bleeding, beaten, raped;
her spirit broken, her art destroyed,
her fire quenched at its spark.

Girls’ night in,
we wept,
mourning the landmarks
propelling us into adulthood.

© 2008 Kate Sender
First Publication: Falling Star Magazine, Summer 2008


For my Dad on Father’s Day~and Always   1 comment

It’s not that I will never forget; I forever remember.

On freshly mown grass

I lay on my back on freshly mown grass
for a moment to savor Sun’s setting foray
marking sibilant silence of approaching night;
no white noise encroaches my space to blight;
I give thanks for the gift of this one spent day
lyrical, not harsh, with but Nature’s own delight.

I wait for the silence to speak of times past
before venturing at last into Morpheus’ domain;
I listen for their music and watch for the lights
of crickets and fireflies commencing their repast
beneath moonlit skies, breeze kissed maple limbs sway,
each movement and breath plying Earth’s delight,
present and past in my mind blend and twist…

We lay on our backs on freshly mown grass,
he listens to my dream of being star bound someday
his eyes reflect moonlight, his words encourage my flight;
‘work hard if you believe and dreams do come to pass’;
believing, I weave him our story right away
of space bound adventurers on plumes of starlight.

I smile, memory for a moment recast,
I hum with cicadas, watch shooting stars at play;
whispers of fireflies give memories real might;
I believe for a moment that hope once so vast
lives on as I write down the story I cast;
dreams kept safe by one caring heart’s refrain
until past, present and future one day I greet in the mist.

© 2006 2010 Kate Sender

In loving memory of my Dad, who kept safe my first story written at age 6 (I learned more than a decade later) in his strongbox with other ‘important’ documents like his citizenship papers. He was the first mate on my starship, and his sage advice I continue to embrace along the voyage to my writing success.

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